PGA & LPGA Golf Instructors at Kettle Hills

Suzie Hartfield

LPGA Lifetime Member

The Kettle Hills Golf Course has PGA & LPGA Teaching Professionals on staff to help you improve your game.

Susie Hartfield, LPGA Life Member

Born and raised in West Bend Wisconsin, Susie is now an LPGA Life Member, having been in the golf business since 1987. Starting at a young age, she competed extensively under her maiden name of Susie Stehling, where she won many local, state, and country club events. Her Wisconsin golf accomplishments won her a 4-year golf scholarship to the University of Houston where she competed at a national level. While in college, Susie not only won an NCAA Collegiate tournament, but was also voted on to the Texas All-State and NCAA regional All-American teams.

“One my proudest accomplishments in golf began with my teaching career in 1987. I love impacting the enjoyment others get from the game, and helping grow the game of golf. My involvement with the LPGA put me in a unique position of National Evaluator, helping to ensure the quality of all our instructors based on a scientific educational model.
One of my strengths as an instructor is effective communication. Whether you need to see it with video, hear it any number of ways or feel it in your swing, I have the ability to make sure you understand what you need to do to improve your game. After all, the student is the important part of the lesson equation. Your goals in golf become my goals, too.

So for 27 years and thousands of lessons I have loved helping the beginner through the elite amateur achieve his or her goals. I have taught 6 year olds, 90 year olds, men and women alike and look forward to helping you improve your game.”

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With years of teaching experience and methods that get results, our Professionals can help anyone form a beginning golfer to an aspiring tour pro.

· Putting
· Video Lessons Available
· Chipping & Pitching
· Long & Short irons
· Bunkers & specialty shots
· Drivers & woods
· Course Management
· Tournament Preparation & Mental Toughness

Individual private lessons can be scheduled any day of the week. Please call the golf shop for more lesson information.
$45.00 for 30 minutes
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